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CaviarHuso Huso Sturgeon Beluga Caviar

Huso Huso Sturgeon Beluga Caviar

(245 customer reviews)


Highest quality, freshest, and most authentic Huso Huso Sturgeon Caviar in the world, right from the Persian Bays of the Caspian Sea.

Here are a couple of reasons why our Caviar is so unique:

-It’s the rarest and most famous Sturgeon Caviar in the world

Caspian Sea water and environmental conditions are used in our farms to ensure the same caviar taste/ texture that has made this caviar famous over the centuries

-We ship every order fresh from our farms in Iran

Switzerland CITES certification on all orders

-Our sturgeons are not killed during the harvesting

-We have the best prices in the market as we are the direct distributors that food suppliers, hotels, and restaurants buy from.


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Imperial Beluga Caviar Inc provides the highest quality, freshest, and most authentic Huso Huso Sturgeon Caviar in the world.

Here are a couple of reasons why our Caviar is so unique:

-It’s the rarest and most famous Sturgeon Caviar in the world

-Caspian Sea water and environmental conditions are used in our farms to ensure the same caviar taste/ texture that has made this caviar famous over the centuries

-We ship every order fresh from our farms in Iran

-Switzerland CITES certification on all orders

-Our sturgeons are not killed during the harvesting

-We have the best prices in the market as we are the direct distributors that food suppliers, hotels, and restaurants buy from.


Unlike other vendors, our caviar comes directly from the Persian bays of the Caspian sea, the original home and best habitat for the Huso Huso Sturgeon Beluga. This environment ensures that both the fish and the eggs have comfortable and familiar living standards leading to the best possible authenticity and quality that is not matched by any other provider in the world.

Our beluga sturgeon thrive like no other under our humane and thoughtful living conditions. We ensure that all of the Caviar produced from our beluga are cruelty-free. The Beluga is never killed or injured during the extraction process, in fact, we only extract our caviar based on the orders that come in, ensuring that the Caviar is always of the freshest caliber.

We offer the same flavor that was Known famously only to royal families of old while providing a very distinctive rich, creamy flavor with a delicate texture only served by us. Caviar lovers, restaurants, and hotels all around the world consider our Huso Huso Sturgeon beluga caviar as one of the greatest food pleasures, raving about its incredibly smooth texture and enriched taste.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that we are delivering your order straight from our farms to ensure the freshest and the best quality: it might take a bit longer to receive your order due to COVID shipping measures and hurdles in effect.

Volume and recurring discounts are available, please contact us for more details at 

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

(Freshly Farmed Raised)






Light to dark gray with black tint


Rich, creamy and buttery


Soft, smooth and delicate


Product is perishable and will be shipped via Canada Post next-day (Regional) and 2-day (National) shipping with Xpresspost


Refrigerated between -3° to 0°C

Shelf life

4 to 6 weeks refrigerated. Once opened should be consumed within 7 days.

245 reviews for Huso Huso Sturgeon Beluga Caviar

  1. Leia

    Excellent caviar. Can’t wait for another sale.

  2. Emilio

    Absolutely wonderful. Not a hint of fishy just a perfect nutty flavor.

  3. Dex

    Excellent product as well as excellent packaging and delivery service.

  4. Kevin Herrera

    I bought it for my wife. She always wanted to try Persian caviar and she absolutely Loved it.

  5. Darrell H.

    Great packaging and the caviar was delicious.

  6. Cindy

    Just delicious!

  7. Lorena

    Great caviar! Highly recommended.

  8. L. Arrieta

    I enjoyed the caviar. It tastes really good and not fishy at all. The eggs are big and pup in the mouth.

  9. Grace A. Miller

    Good product. Timely delivery. I would buy again.

  10. Nat Cossey

    I’ve been buying this product for years and it is still unbeatable.

  11. C. Taylor

    What a great way to celebrate a holiday with your family.

  12. Allison Wolf

    Excellent product. Texture and taste are great.

  13. Brian McCleary

    We bought this for our 25th anniversary and it was so great!

  14. paola alberz

    Had to keep in fridge for about a month but even then tasted fresh and delicious!

  15. Maria Gilliam

    Tasty, fresh and perfect flavor.

  16. Estelle Smith

    Very good quality and taste was great!

  17. J. Lambert

    Excellent flavor, fast delivery.

  18. Robin

    We’ve ordered 50 grams packages several times and it’s always really tasty.

  19. Delores A.

    We have bought this caviar several times and it’s just wonderful.

  20. Cassandra

    First high end purchase of caviar. Superb quality I didn’t know existed.

  21. E. Dobre

    Simply outstanding and worth every penny.

  22. Tony H

    Wanted to try Iranian caviar for so long and I’m glad my first time was IMPERIAL!

  23. Cristina Schultz

    This was the best caviar I’ve ever eaten. Will definitely buy again.

  24. Michelle

    Even better than the caviar I had in Beverly Hills, CA.

  25. Julie Breaux

    The caviar was great so does their customer service.

  26. PJ

    Fresh and delicious for caviar lovers.

  27. Sophia Rios

    Superb Caviar!!!

  28. Teresa Collado

    Has a very distinct flavor. Amazing with cracker and cream cheese.

  29. Victor

    Celebrate any special event with wonderful Iranian caviar.

  30. Allie Fitz

    We have been ordering Iranian caviar for several years and have never been disappointed.

  31. stacia

    This is an excellent product.

  32. Audra Oxley

    Incredible service, quality and taste.

  33. Falisha C.

    Great caviar taste without the fish flavor.

  34. Ray Perez

    This was the most fresh and finest caviar that I have ordered.

  35. M. Lawrence


  36. Margaret Hall

    Delicious! It was a crowd pleaser.

  37. Krista

    Very pleasant, delicate flavor. Not too salty so the amazing flavor is able to shine.

  38. Jayden E.

    One tin was just right for two people.

  39. J. Jackman

    I’ve missed Beluga for so long and I’m glad it’s back in Canada.

  40. Brielle C.

    We like to eat it with classic chips! DELICIOUS!

  41. L. Murphy

    Very good quality. Arrived well chilled and packaged.

  42. Jacqueline

    Product was delivered on time and was packed perfectly to keep the caviar cold. Super tasty too.

  43. Joey Carmel

    Wonderful treat for Thanksgiving and the New Year.

  44. Abi Haver

    I bought this to give as a Christmas gift for my 81 year old stepmother and it was greatly appreciated. Excellent quality.

  45. Mya

    I have bought this several times and it is always fresh and tasty.

  46. April

    Always the Best!

  47. Joyce

    Received very fresh and it was perfect!

  48. Denny Hanson

    Wonderful texture and great slightly salty flavor. WELL WORTH IT.

  49. Lorie Vollinger

    I love this caviar and I want to put it on everything. I was very happy to purchase it again.

  50. Roxanne

    This is the third time we purchased the Iranian Beluga. Each time it was delicious. We will not hesitate to order again.

  51. Isabel Dixon

    Outstanding with homemade Blinis.

  52. G. Andersen

    I bought this Iranian caviar as a Christmas gift for my parents. It was SO amazing that we decided to make it a family tradition. I highly recommend it!

  53. Susan Shane

    Quality product, delivered on time and with care to maintain the temperature. I have ordered from them for years.

  54. Patrick Green

    Our family enjoyed the superb taste of the caviar. Delivery and packaging was excellent.

  55. Barry B.

    The quality of this Caviar is the best hands down.

  56. Kira Webber

    Prefer not to buy farmed fish but in this case, seems like a good idea. This is very nice caviar.

  57. Peggy M.

    Thank you for real pleasure and bringing this beluga caviar to Vancouver.

  58. Nicole B.

    This Imperial Beluga Caviar is “EXCELLENT”.

  59. Sandra Bell

    Been enjoying this Iranian caviar for many years. Always fresh and delicious. Shipped fast and cold in cute black cases which can be used as snack packs.

  60. Roberto Paolercio

    I recently bought this Iranian caviar. It is marvelous. Just salty enough, with a wonderful texture.

  61. C. Goodwin

    I had ordered this beluga caviar last holiday and we were very pleased with it.

  62. Katrina

    It was extravagantly delicious, fresh and mouthwatering!

  63. Mark P.

    The caviar was delicious and I am looking forward to making this a holiday tradition.

  64. Crystal

    This is excellent caviar. This is my second order this Christmas season.

  65. Lily

    We really enjoy this caviar. More affordable when it goes on sale. It is shipped in an incredible ice cold packaging.

  66. Gianna M.

    I buy this every year and I am always pleased. One of my very favorite purchases. Highly recommend it.

  67. Christina Hillman

    This caviar was quite tasty.

  68. Bryan Callahan

    This caviar has become a holiday tradition. It comes well packed and tastes great. We love it!

  69. Latisha B.

    I get this caviar twice a year for my dad. It is delicious and enough for a family of four. I highly recommend it!

  70. Joanna Mishenin

    Good service and good product. Really enjoyed it with the champagne.

  71. Lucy Pelton

    We tried this around the holidays and enjoyed it so much. Perfect with champagne!

  72. Caitlin

    Very good quality. Just be sure to eat it the day it arrives and enjoy.

  73. M. Ferrara

    I’ve been buying this Iranian beluga caviar for years. It’s fantastic. Lovely big eggs, great texture and flavor. So worth it!

  74. Tonya

    Consistently great caviar!

  75. Tiffany Alton

    The best caviar with its salty deliciousness.

  76. Judy C. Morgan

    Everyone at my party raved about this beluga caviar!

  77. Reece

    I purchased for New Years. It was exquisite. The flavor was delicate and bright. It’s the best ever.

  78. Nina

    Makes the holidays more special and the quality is first rate.

  79. Denise Chapala

    I ordered online, received the caviar quickly and in perfect cold condition. Will be ordering and serving again for the holidays!

  80. Samantha

    I bought this for NYE to have on blini. Overall it has good flavor and color. The roes are medium sized. It was delicious.

  81. Ian Tebeau

    The beluga caviar was excellent, fresh and delicious.

  82. Evelyn Adams

    The Caviar was a little saltier than I expected. However, the flavor is pretty good. I would order it again if there were a good promotion.

  83. Sara Curry

    Totally worth the price and delivered to your door in a cold sealed package!

  84. C. Catli

    I purchased this for my wife. She was very excited to receive it and even happier after she tried it. Excellent product.

  85. Stacy Castro

    Open a bottle of bubbly beside it for a wonderful treat!

  86. Alex R.

    This is my third purchase of this product. I am familiar with caviar variety and have had from different sources in the past. This one not only a unique product, but excellent quality and great taste. I will definitely order again.

  87. Carla Stewart

    We had it with Laurent Perrier Rose. Loved it.

  88. Lauren

    This is the 3rd time we’ve ordered it, consistently high quality and quick delivery. Will definitely order again.

  89. L. Culbertson

    This beluga caviar is out of this world, shipped promptly, great quality.

  90. E. Hubbard

    Pure Heaven!

  91. Dustin S.

    Perfect delivery, texture and flavor, exactly what we hoped for.

  92. Stan

    I get it every year for Christmas and New Year’s and I love it.

  93. Ana Gruber

    This has become our annual treat for the holidays. The quality of the caviar is outstanding.

  94. Danell Stivers

    It is not too salty and has a very balanced flavor. I recommend eating it by itself. Just put some on your tongue and press until it turns into bursts of incredible flavor.

  95. Christa Miller

    Superb quality.

  96. Joe Franklin

    This is very good caviar. With the right amount of texture and tenderness and amazing flavor. My wife loves it. That’s all that matters!

  97. Jason Fraymand

    Reasonable Price for Top Quality Product.

  98. Carmen Petersen

    Taste and texture are wonderful. Packaging and delivery is spot on.

  99. Paula Davis

    This farm-raised Beluga Caviar is excellent, really is a superior quality fresh from the farms based in Iran!!! The eggs are the perfect size with a flavorful nutty finish.

  100. Sydney

    I ordered this as a Christmas Gift for my grandmother and she enjoyed on New Year’s Eve.

  101. Ted Firestine

    If you like quality caviar, this one is for you.

  102. Michaela F.

    Tried it with crackers and certain French crème cheese. It was a wonderful experience.

  103. Lucia

    A pleasant first-timer experience with the fresh Iranian Beluga Caviar.

  104. Carol

    Great tasting caviar! We have ordered this caviar a few times and were never disappointed.

  105. Carolyn S.

    Love this caviar.

  106. Katy Grant

    I really would like to give this product 5 starts except for the shipping which was terrible. This caviar is very expensive and also perishable and it’s supposed to ship priority overnight to keep it cold but instead it arrived after 2 days. Thankfully it was well packed and still cold when I received it and I put it in the fridge right away. Tastes Great and seems like it’s still fresh thanks to the well packaging.

  107. V. Hendren

    This is incredible based on my experience of tasting caviar for decades from Michelin restaurants to first class in-flight service. The caviar arrived cold and well packed in an insulated bag filled with dry ice.

  108. S. Lopez

    Loved the eggs perfectly intact, dark gray color, nutty with slight salinity.

  109. Y Russell

    Yummy! That buttery taste is like pure heaven in your mouth.

  110. T. Clark

    Excellent product!

  111. Karina Deane

    This is my first time trying real Caviar. This Imperial Beluga Caviar is delicious! Not too salty, no “fishy” taste. Will definitely order more.

  112. Alyssa

    Great Product

  113. P.Duncan

    Creamy and delicious!!!

  114. Stephanie Hale

    Superb! Hope you keep it available.

  115. Tosha Ellis

    Arrived on time, taste very good.

  116. Hollianne W.

    That was Imperial, just like the title says so.

  117. Sasha

    What a nice treat to have this caviar for your holiday!

  118. Lauren Baxter

    Great taste, high quality packaging, will definitely order again.

  119. Michelle T.

    This was my best breakfast ever! Thank you!

  120. J Hayes

    Great quality, super fresh and tasty

  121. Gavin

    Outstanding taste and amazing product.

  122. Kelli P

    Bought this wonderful caviar several times. Very fine flavor! My husband and I love it!

  123. Mel Wilson

    Packaging and delivery were excellent. The caviar itself was too salty but overall the quality was acceptable I guess.

  124. Willie

    I’m not a caviar expert but this tastes great!

  125. Becky Clark

    We order this item several times a year. Always fresh and on time.

  126. Brian Wilcox

    Exceptional high quality caviar, easy to order and clear information on delivery process.

  127. Ricardo Collens

    It’s good but it would be better less salty.

  128. Ashley Altobello

    Excellent quality. Wonderful packaging & service.

  129. Joanne Perkins

    Outstanding! 5th time ordering this, and will continue to order.

  130. J Collins

    The caviar was great. It would be even better to have the mother of pearl spoons included with the order.

  131. Phylicia Lawson

    My favorite caviar by far!

  132. natalie a.

    The taste is very good and the salt is nicely moderate. The pre-Christmas sale was excellent.

  133. Regina

    Excellent quality. Exactly as described. Delivered on time as scheduled.

  134. Kevin

    It was really salty. Taste was quite good so overall enjoyable.

  135. Debbie Ivory

    This is the 2nd time we have ordered this caviar and it always comes within a day and it still cold. Taste wonderful.

  136. Chelsi Knox

    Great product and on-time delivery.

  137. Kaleo

    Beautiful rich gray/black color and mild taste, not too salty for me.

  138. Arayla

    We’ve eaten a lot of caviar and this may be the best and the most fresh we’ve ever had.

  139. Lynette

    Very fishy and salty. Expected more from Iranian caviar.

  140. Wesley

    If you want top caviar, don’t look anywhere else, this is it.

  141. Zoe T.

    I purchase this caviar every year before the holidays. It lasts a couple of months if kept refrigerated. I LOVE it.

  142. Kathleen

    Love this caviar and it’s a good deal on Christmas sale.

  143. Janie Fisher

    I ordered this as a Father’s Day gift. Arrived on date requested. My dad said it was some of the best caviar he had ever enjoyed.

  144. Laurie O’Brian

    Yummy caviar!

  145. Bethany Allen

    Superb Quality!

  146. Rosie McNicol

    I’ve been buying this caviar for many years and have never been dissatisfied.

  147. Cassie W.

    Fantastic product!

  148. Chesney Ledet

    I order every year for the Holidays. Always delicious.

  149. Melissa K.

    I’ve been eating caviar for about 60 years and love Iranian Beluga caviar more than others. Brings back a lot of great memories.

  150. Autumn K.

    Good caviar. Arrived well packaged and cold.

  151. N. Duvall

    Very good product!

  152. Lisa T.

    Purchase this twice and it’s always perfect.

  153. Kristen B.

    Outstanding quality caviar, excellent customer service, fast shipping.

  154. Thomas Andrews

    We are repeat buyers of this product. It’s always delicious and top quality Caviar.

  155. Katie Lindberg

    Great Quality Caviar & Fantastic Customer Service.

  156. Natalie

    Very good product. Comes fast, packed with care to preserve freshness.

  157. Shana Cunningham

    This will be a repeat purchase for us for sure. Smooth creamy taste. Amazing!

  158. Kim Stimmel

    The caviar was delivered right away, and well packaged. It was amazing! Worth every penny!

  159. Tracy M.U.

    Spectacular Caviar!

  160. M.C. Miller

    Those little black eggs on toast was the beginning of one of our very special treats for Christmas Eve dinner. Thank you!

  161. Freya

    It is incredibly smooth with a great flavor. We highly recommend it!

  162. Bree

    Outstanding!! Delicious!

  163. Chelsea W.

    Exceptional caviar. The little pearls have that distinctive pop when you press them against the roof of your mouth with your tongue. I really enjoyed it.

  164. Keri Benton

    We have ordered this caviar several times. We think it is excellent and also fresh.

  165. Rikka J

    Imperial Beluga Caviar has been consistently top notch in terms of flavor (freshness) and salt balance. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  166. Raymond H.

    A+ taste, highly Recommended.

  167. Angela

    This beluga caviar was an excellent, top quality caviar. I would and will order it again!

  168. Haylee

    Caviar Heaven is in Canada now!!!

  169. Kelli Holt

    Fresh and delicious every time I order. Don’t see why I would buy elsewhere, anymore!

  170. Jacqueline

    The buttery texture and a hint of saltiness is awesome.

  171. T. McGuinness

    After having many American caviar and fish egg products my love of the real thing is greater than ever with this fresh Iranian beluga caviar.

  172. M.J. Barron

    Delicious flavor, excellent in every way.

  173. Sabatino P

    I have purchased this twice. My goodness the caviar is outstanding!

  174. Mellissa Wayne

    This is the third time I’ve ordered this caviar for my husband. He’s enjoys every bite!

  175. D. Fennell

    Thank you for a wonderful experience. My husband and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to order.

  176. Kelsie

    Shipping is quick and product well packaged. Great buttery taste.

  177. Pam Davis

    I have ordered this product several times and they never disappoint. It tastes amazing and is the best caviar you can purchase on the market.

  178. Laura Roy

    Fantastic. Never knew caviar could be this tasty!

  179. Paul Conti

    Top Quality!

  180. N. Fernandez

    Love our caviar and this is wonderful for the price. Absolutely worth ordering.

  181. Mary G.H.

    One word….. Wonderful!!!

  182. Jeffery

    It would be perfect if you included a shell spoon.

  183. Alan Smith

    Package came quickly and was cold, and the caviar tasted great. Thank you.

  184. Sarah P.

    Great value for Iranian caviar!

  185. Colleen Betz

    This one is by far our favorite caviar!

  186. Russell

    This caviar never disappoints! It gets better every time we order. It always comes nicely packaged with ice packs, keeping the caviar perfectly fresh and cool.

  187. Dave


  188. Richard Sims

    Always Delicious!

  189. Sean B

    Amazing quality!

  190. Steve Rad

    It is just very tasty and happy I bought it.

  191. Jay Blount

    Great caviar taste as expected.

  192. Diane G.

    So that’s how caviar tastes!!!

  193. Dawn Tiehen

    We are always pleased with the quality, the efficient delivery and the quality of the caviar every time we order.

  194. Giorgi

    Well priced for the quality and very delicious!

  195. Lukas Mayson

    Exceptional quality.

  196. Eileen Peccerillo

    The caviar is fresh and tasty. Will be ordering again.

  197. Marty Clarkson

    Enjoyed the caviar with my wife. The eggs are creamy with great lingering taste.

  198. David

    Great experience in every way. Will definitely be purchasing this again.

  199. Brooklyn M

    Excellent quality

  200. Kamila

    The caviar were extremely well packaged and icy cold upon delivery. It was very impressive.

  201. Danielle Maier

    Very impressive!!

  202. Cynthia J.

    The caviar arrived well packed with dry ice around it so it was well chilled all the way to my fridge. Delicious!!

  203. Joel Solanki

    Great value for the world’s most famous and most delicious caviar.

  204. Veronica Nebel

    This is just super!!!

  205. Marilyn

    Surprise! It is great…

  206. Sarah Morse

    This is an excellent premium caviar and I highly recommend it.

  207. J.L.

    I order this brand of caviar every year as a holiday present for my husband and he loves it. It’s so fresh and delicate.

  208. Kimberly Wells

    Exceptional and Delicious!!!

  209. Ray

    Fresh tasty caviar, carefully packaged.

  210. Sharon

    Perfect, perfect, perfect.

  211. Stacy Ormai

    Excellent texture and buttery taste. The packaging was so professional it would keep for several days if I missed the delivery.

  212. Tatiana

    Incredible quality and value!

  213. Ariana

    Arrived well packaged and kept cool. Great quality.

  214. Mark Miller

    Delicious as always!

  215. Anna Hare

    I’ve bought this caviar twice and it is always fresh and delicious.

  216. Vicki

    The BEST!!!

  217. Tricia

    Excellent Quality

  218. Arthur Pierce

    The quality of Imperial Beluga Caviar is just amazing.

  219. Chris Mahr

    Exceptional Caviar!

  220. Joseph Ottolino

    Great Service & Memorable Taste.

  221. Michelle Frayer

    This caviar is of really fresh quality. The only reason for 4 stars is the size of the eggs, I expected them to be larger, like in the pictures.

  222. Carlen King

    Very fresh taste with very little salt.

  223. Clair Jones

    Fresh Low-Salt Quality

  224. Alicia

    Unforgettable Holiday Taste Test…

  225. Aaron

    Very happy with my purchase. Just a bit salty for my taste but will order again.

  226. Derek Liege

    The roes are not too salty with a mild and delicious flavor, just like a true Iranian caviar supposed to be.

  227. Cheryl Roman

    Great caviar, excellent service.

  228. Martha Gonz

    Delicious luxury

  229. Leigh T.

    Very mild and not too salty. Love it.

  230. Lana

    Outstanding quality and value

  231. Peter S

    I am very pleased with the product, which is very fresh with rich flavor, but a little bit salty for me. The item is very carefully packed and delivered on time. I would certainly recommend this product to my friends.

  232. AJ

    This was my first experience with Iranian beluga caviar and it was really delicious.

  233. Clay Anderson

    Never had caviar before, always wanted to try it, glad I started with the most famous caviar (Iranian) in the world. Absolutely amazing.

  234. Kelly Cortez

    Enjoyed beluga caviar immensely and was quite impressed with the mild, not too salty taste. This is an excellent value.

  235. Mike Smith

    Not gonna lie, it’s a bit pricey for me but worth every penny.

  236. Ricky P.

    A bit pricey but excellent caviar.

  237. Monica Christensen

    Simply delicious. Great quality, fast shipping, very well insulated and cooled properly with dry ice.

  238. Matthew Scott

    I have tasted it and it is the best caviar I have ever had. Now I am not a caviar expert but have had many different caviar even in Europe and IBC is by far the best and the most fresh caviar I have tasted, not too salty and very flavorful, smooth and delicious. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

  239. William Mills

    The taste is very good and the salt is nicely. The pre-Christmas price was excellent.

  240. Jay Hammond

    Very buttery and just melts in your mouth.

  241. Rebecka O.

    I have bought this for my parents for a couple of years now and they have always loved it.

  242. Nicole

    Heaven in your mouth.

  243. Daniel J

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed a jar to ourselves after the holiday. It really is quite tasty!

  244. Ellen

    We have purchased this product several times for our New Year’s Eve celebrations and it’s just spectacular.

  245. Ilse. Biddle

    January 5 ,2021
    It has been a while since I experienced Persian Caviar in England, today I received this wonderful Gift from my Children,
    The World has many beautiful Fruits/Tastes but there will always be the
    One and Only “ CAVIAR”
    Excellent service as well.
    Thank you.

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